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Job ID: 193172
Category: Nursing
Work Type: FT
Location: West Chester, PA, United States
Work Schedule: FT Day Shift

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Penn Medicine is dedicated to our tripartite mission of providing the highest level of care to patients, conducting innovative research, and educating future leaders in the field of medicine. Working for this leading academic medical center means collaboration with top clinical, technical and business professionals across all disciplines.

Today at Penn Medicine, someone will make a breakthrough. Someone will heal a heart, deliver hopeful news, and give comfort and reassurance. Our employees shape our future each day. Are you living your life's work?


  • Provides comprehensive, quality nursing care through application of the nursing process. Adheres to Nursing Policies and Procedures and Organizational Goals and Objectives.


  • Clinical Practice: Prvides age apprpriate care fr the ppulatin served. Gives cnsideratin t grwth & develpmental phase f life, t age related factrs such as thermal regulatin, nutritin, medicatin administratin, nutritin, safety and functinal needs f the patient. Uses apprpriate resurces fr patients with special needs such as language barriers, sensry prblems, altered cgnitin, cultural and religius needs. Ensures attentin t patient’s physical, spiritual and emtinal well being. Demnstrates cmpetency in assessment skills (Includes admissin and shift assessments). Perfrms pain assessments and intervenes t ptimally meet patient’s needs fr cmfrt. Plans clinical care based n patient’s needs and uses available resurces. Perfrms clinical care in accrdance with plicy and prcedure. Perfrms peripheral venipuncture and peripheral and central vascular access care accrding t plicy & prcedure. Evaluates utcmes f nursing interventins and takes apprpriate actins t mve patient tward reaching gals f care. Identifies situatins that warrant patient rescue and takes apprpriate actin, e.g. Rapid Respnse r Cde Blue/Pink. Adheres t the 5 rights f medicatin administratin and uses the Medicatin Administratin Check (MAK) system per plicy and prcedure. Integrates principles f infectin cntrl & infectin preventin int practice. Adheres t aseptic technique as apprpriate. Uses resurces and references fr reviewing plicies and prcedures, medicatins, and clinical infrmatin. Priritizes and rganizes wrk effectively within assigned shift. Adheres t CCH Jint Cmmissin Disease specific guidelines and cre measures fr the care f the patients with CVA Perfrms peritneal dialysis accrding t plicy and prcedure. Perfrms med surg RN respnsibilities fr the patient requiring hemdialysis. Implements the nursing prcess fr the adult and senir adult patient wh presents with cmplex medical needs.Cmmunicatin: Uses effective cmmunicatin during hand-ffs. (e.g. Shift reprt, transfer reprt, etc). rganizes infrmatin int a meaningful frmat, such as SBAR. Delegates apprpriately t unlicensed persnnel and team members. Cmmunicates patient care infrmatin t the interdisciplinary care team. Prvides patient and family educatin in a manner that is understd and gives the patient and family handuts, brchures and resurces that can be taken hme fr future reference.Dcumentatin: Dcuments patient care in an accurate, prfessinal and timely manner using Sarian, MAK, and paper dcumentatin frms accrding t plicy and prcedure. Dcuments patient care that is relevant t patient’s diagnsis, prblems and reflects patient’s status.Prfessinal Rle Develpment: Develps wn nursing knwledge via practice, bservatin, prfessinal literature, netwrking and attending cntinuing educatin prgrams. Prmtes best practice by demnstrating a cmmitment t quality patient care and the prfessin f nursing. Prmtes innvatin and creativity in the practice envirnment. Serves as a preceptr and mentr fr new emplyees. Mentrs student nurses. Accepts cnstructive feedback abut perfrmance r behavirs and shws evidence f change. Demnstrates verbal and writing skills that are apprpriate fr healthcare cmmunicatin. Adheres t the Department f Nursing Dress Cde.Department f Nursing and rganizatin Supprt: Attends assigned cmmittee meetings and cntributes t the cmmittees. Cmmunicates supprt f rganizatinal values and strategies. Supprts the fllwing rganizatinal prgrams: Magnet®, Hspital f Distinctin, Jint Cmmissin Disease Specific Certificatin, Nursing Cuncils, and integrates their standards int clinical practice. Reviews nursing quality data, e.g. NDNQI and identifies hw t apply best practice int wn practice and mentr thers twards meeting quality target gals. Maintains attendance/lateness standards in accrdance with Hspital plicy.Departmental Supprt: Maintains equipment in wrking rder. Uses equipment apprpriately, fllws Department plicies fr equipment and supply use and maintenance. Perfrms assigned duties t maintain unit in a state f survey readiness and maintain quality initiatives. Fr example, quality cntrl measures, emergency equipment checks, medicatin preparatin area cleanliness, etc. Adheres t unit prgrams t supprt patient care such as maintaining a quiet envirnment, hurly patient runds, custmer service, etc. Attends staff meetings n a regular basis. Keeps patient care area and wrk envirnment neat and rganized.


  • Registered Nurse - PA (Required)
  • Current Pennsylvania RN License
  • Basic Cardiac Life Support (Required)
  • 44504

Education or Equivalent Experience:

  • Bachelor of Science Nursing (Required)
  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN). Graduate of an accredited Nursing Program. Certification in clinical specialty preferred.
We believe that the best care for our patients starts with the best care for our employees. Our employee benefits programs help our employees get healthy and stay healthy. We offer a comprehensive compensation and benefits program that includes one of the finest prepaid tuition assistance programs in the region. Penn Medicine employees are actively engaged and committed to our mission. Together we will continue to make medical advances that help people live longer, healthier lives.

Live Your Life's Work

We are an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. Candidates are considered for employment without regard to race, ethnicity, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, marital status, familial status, genetic information, domestic or sexual violence victim status, citizenship status, military status, status as a protected veteran or any other status protected by applicable law.

   Current UPHS employees must apply HERE
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