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Emergency Observation Department Technician - Part time nights- Pennsylvania Hospital

This job posting is no longer active.

Job ID: 193623
Category: CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)/ Nursing Assistant
Work Type: PT 20+ HOURS
Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States

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Penn Medicine is dedicated to our tripartite mission of providing the highest level of care to patients, conducting innovative research, and educating future leaders in the field of medicine. Working for this leading academic medical center means collaboration with top clinical, technical and business professionals across all disciplines.

Today at Penn Medicine, someone will make a breakthrough. Someone will heal a heart, deliver hopeful news, and give comfort and reassurance. Our employees shape our future each day. Are you living your life's work?


  • The Emergency Department Technician is an integral member of the health care team who delivers quality care through collaboration and communication with team members. They work under the direct supervision of the registered nurse to support and assist the nurse in the delivery of quality care to patients and families. Some of the major responsibilities will include collection and reporting of patient data, incorporating organizational competencies of superior quality care and assuming responsibility and accountability for their role performance outcomes while supporting UPHSs Standards of Excellence.


  • Essential AccuntabilitiesReprt:Receives written/verbal reprt at the beginning f each shift frm the registered nurse (RN) regarding the care that is t be delivered t the assigned grup f patients, r fr patient needing cnstant bservatin.Gives reprt when leaving unit, and at the cmpletin f the shift regarding the care that was delivered; any abnrmalities that ccur during the shift are t be reprted as they ccur t the RN as well as t the ncming Emergency Department Technician.Assists in Assessment:Identifies the patient per hspital plicy befre carrying ut functins.Assists with data cllectin fr nursing histry and physical e.g., vital signs, ht. wt, bld sugar results, pint f care testing results, functinal status and cmmunicates changes t the RN in a timely fashin.Participates in respectful cmmunicatin with patients, families and cwrkers.Prvides patient and family infrmatin t the registered nurse fr crdinatin f care and discharge planning.bserves skin changes and reprts disclratin, abrasins, infestatins r skin breakdwn.Planning:Assists in setting mutually agreed upn realistic individual patient gals.Integrates the RN’s directins re: the patient’s plan f care int the care given t the patient.Gives RN reprt befre the end f the shift regarding the patient’s respnse t the plan f care issues, and at varius times during the shift t reprt unusual findings e.g., abnrmal bld sugar results, vital sign changes, pain etc.Participate in unit upkeep and cleanliness f the Emergency Department.Interventin:Prmtes infectin cntrl by using the apprpriate hand washing techniques.Fllws standard precautins and any ther islatin precautins as dictated by the patient’s cnditin.Maintains a safe envirnment and prtects the patient frm injury by bserving the patient wh may be at risk fr falls, cnfusin, disrientatin, wandering r suicidal behavirs; fllws Cnstant bservatin Plicy.Applies and mnitrs patients in restraints per plicy and per medical rder.bserves r mnitrs behavir/health state and respnses t therapy. a) Temperature, Pulse, Respiratinb) Bld Pressurec) Neurlgical Checks d) Vascular Checkse) Height and Weight f) Intake and utputg) Bwel and Bladder Functin Checks h) PainCmmunicates pertinent bservatins t apprpriate members f the health care team in a timely fashin.Perfrms patient care runds per unit plicy.Participates in staff and unit cuncil meetings.Wrks in cllabratin with all members f the healthcare team.Reprts findings t nurse cncerning the patient and r family which may impact patient care.Perfrms r assists the patient with activities f daily living such as bathing, (bed, tub, shwer, r sitz) grming, eating, feeding, range f mtin, ambulating, transferring and ral hygiene.Participates in the preventin and treatment f skin breakdwn.Applies current accepted methds f heat and cld therapy as directed by the nurse.Prvides fr the patient’s ral dietary needs using currently accepted methds.Prvides fr the eliminatin needs by giving a bed pan, urinal, emptying urinary and r bwel appliances r implementing the bwel prgram under the directin f the RN.Perfrms pst mrtem care.Assists the physician t perfrm physical exams.Encurage the use f the pulmnary tilet by using the incentive spirmeter, cughing, turning and deep breathing.Utilizes the apprpriate equipment fr patient lifting.Participates in Quality Mnitring Prcedures. a) Daily accucheck cntrlsb) Daily UA cntrlsc) Daily urine HCG cntrlsReinfrces health care instructin t patients accrding t the directins f the nurse.Displays cmpetence in using the fllwing equipment and reprts findings t the registered nurse:a) Pulse ximeter b) 12 Lead ECGc) Vital sign machine d) Blanket warmere) PC machines f) Glucmeterg) Lift and transfer devicesh) DefibrillatrPrvides 1:1 bservatin fr patients.Perfrm phlebtmy as directed by the RN.Assists prfessinal staff with:a) Spinal immbilizatin including use f cervical cllar and backbardb) 12 lead ekgc) Splintingd) Crutch fitting and ambulatine) Irrigate wundsf) Resuscitative effrtsTransprts patients t diagnstic testing r t ther patient care areas.ther duties as assignedDcumentatin:Dcuments findings, interventins and patient utcme results n patient dcuments. This may include I&, VS, Bladder scanner results, pulse x results, glucmeter results r ther findings.Dcuments using cmplete signature.Dcuments in PennChart all interventins and findings.Evaluatin:Assists in evaluating nursing care given by cmparing the patients functinal status frm day t day and discussing this with the nurse.


  • Certified Nurse Aid
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Basic Cardiac Life Support (Required)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Education or Equivalent Experience:

  • H.S. Diploma/GED (Required)
  • 1+ years *In lieu of certification, candidate must have at least one year or more experience in a related clinical role, OR be a nursing student matriculated in an accredited BSN nursing program having minimally completed the nursing foundations/fundamentals clinical course. In order for nursing students to maintain their position as an Emergency Department Technician, they must continue in a matriculated BSN program and present evidence with an official transcript documenting enrollment to their Manager of record. Failure to meet and maintain nursing student requirements in lieu of certification will result in termination of your Emergency Department Technician position.

We believe that the best care for our patients starts with the best care for our employees. Our employee benefits programs help our employees get healthy and stay healthy. We offer a comprehensive compensation and benefits program that includes one of the finest prepaid tuition assistance programs in the region. Penn Medicine employees are actively engaged and committed to our mission. Together we will continue to make medical advances that help people live longer, healthier lives.

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We are an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. Candidates are considered for employment without regard to race, ethnicity, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, marital status, familial status, genetic information, domestic or sexual violence victim status, citizenship status, military status, status as a protected veteran or any other status protected by applicable law.

   Current UPHS employees must apply HERE
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